Advanced canyoning course (3 days)

Chamjesk Adventure ? What’s this like ?


Based on the opening of the biggest canyon in the world, Chamje Khola (Nepal), we will take you into the confidential world of the ” canyoning EXPLORATION”.

This “combo” of 3 days has been specially created for you.

chamjé khola expédition bloc canyoning

What is the program?



By linking 3 of the most beautiful and biggest canyons in the Ariege, totalling more than 1000 metres of descent, and requiring two bivouacs, you will surpass yourself, within a small team linked by the same taste for adventure in the middle of nature.

Designed and supervised by the leader of the “first” descent of the Nepalese “Chamjesk monster”, this mini expedition will allow you to live, at your own level, an extraordinary and unique experience in the world.

In complete safety, you will learn new techniques of descent of big canyons and many tricks allowing you to perfect your autonomy in the activity. From the preparation to the exploration, and through the two 5* bivouacs, live with us a technical, complete, aquatic and fun adventure, and enter the intimate and secret world of canyon expeditions


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Day 1: Subra Canyon (V3.A2.III)

09h30 – Welcome, presentation of the participants, the exploration concept and the program of the trip. Presentation by our professional photographer Arthur Serres.

10h00 – What is a canyoning expedition? Preparation, strategy and logistics (intro), approach, escape route, plan B, team spirit…

10h30 – Private screening of the 52mn HD film of Chamje Khola (V7.A7.Ex), exchanges and comments with the expedition leader (Rod Sturm).

11h30 – Preparation of the “Chamjesk Adventure”, cartography, strategy, logistics, collective equipment, individual equipment…

13h00 – Picnic lunch in the garden of the Speleo Canyon Ariege centre.

14h00 – Departure for the activity (transport on site).

15h00 – Approach walk in the forest.

16h00 – Snack – briefing & canyon descent (training in autonomous and team progression techniques. Training in expedition techniques (safety, reading, communication, efficiency, speed, rigging, etc.).

20h00 – Debriefing, bivouac aperitif, logistical and strategic preparation for the next day (weather, approach, escape routes, technique…), Bivouac on the riverbank.

Technical details: 200 m of positive altitude difference and 6 hours of activity. Night part possible.

Day 2 – Estat Canyon (V4.A3.IV)

08h00 – Breakfast – physical, mental and material preparation.

09h00 – Approach walk in the mountains.

12h00 – Lunch – Picnic – Rest 13h00 – Briefing & canyon descent (improvement of progression techniques in autonomy and in team). Training in descent techniques and optimisation of the “expedition mode” (safety and team-aid between pairs, efficiency and speed, “light technique” and equipment, etc.). Improvement of progression techniques in autonomy.

20h00 – Escape, bivouac aperitif, debriefing, logistical and strategic preparation for the next day (weather, cartography, approach, aquatic techniques…). Bivouac on the edge of the canyon.

Technical details: 700 m of positive difference in altitude and 10 hours of activity. Night part possible.


estat canyon aventure chamjesk
aventure chamjesk canyon artigue

Day 3 –  Artigue Canyon (V3.A3.III)

08h00 – Breakfast – physical preparation and equipment.

09h30 – Approach walk on the mountainside.

10h00 – Briefing & canyon descent (autonomous and team progression). Training in aquatic progression techniques (reading and analysis of obstacles, mutual aid and decision making, anticipation, jumps, fun and safety, etc.)

13h00 – Escape, snack, debriefing, return to the car park.

13h30 – Lunch Picnic on the riverbank. Rest time.

14h30 – Marc’s canyon (V3.A3.II) – Optional. Preparation and descent in autonomy (supervised).

15h30 – Return to the car park 16h00 – Return to the SCA centre – Victory drink and debriefing.

16h30 – Photo showroom (by Arthur Serres – Photographer) 17h00 – Closing.

Technical details: 50 m of positive difference in altitude and 5 hours of activity.


Who is this trip for?


For those who wish to improve their canyoning techniques while living a unique adventure.

For all mountain and nature lovers with a taste for effort.

For all those who like to discover themselves outside their “comfort zone”.

For all canyoning lovers.

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Why learn with us?


As a canyon professional for more than 30 years, International Canyon Trainer since 2004 under the label “Universal Canyoning Academy“, and leader of several canyoning expeditions in the Himalayas, I guarantee a technical, pedagogical and psychological teaching, individualized and innovative, given in an exceptional and varied canyon area. You will be welcomed in the garden of my canyoning centre “Speleo Canyon Ariege”, where I will provide you with all the individual and collective equipment adapted to an efficient and safe practice.

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