Canyoning is the descent of a river system or gorge, by foot.
On your journey you will encounter abseils, jumps and slides, most of which are in and around waterfalls. Canyoning is an adventure sport, but you can take it at your own pace.

Canyoning is an adventure sport, which has inherent risks associated with it. Although canyoning is not dangerous if you have the right knowledge, skills and equipment, this is exactly what we provide.
Our Instructors are the highest qualified professionals in the world and more importantly most experienced. We are specialists at assessing risk, and making dynamic risk assessments and adapting to situations and environments in a safe and enjoyable way.
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That including canyoning shoes and socks, canyoning descender and harness, helmet and full wetsuit in 5mm per piece.

Yes, we believe that footwear is one of the most important safety pieces of equipment you need for canyoning. (Still too many companies don’t provide it! This is a guarantee of quality and attention from the canyoning companies you should select)

Speleo Canyon Ariege is an international canyoning training center. We operate all over Ariege and Pyrenees.
We are based at the entrance of the Vicdessos valley, in the middle of Niaux village.

Every canyon is different; due to this each canyon has a set minimum age limit (For instance, 8 years old in Argensou canyon). This however can be changed or lowered depending on circumstances.
The minimum age is set due to the adventurous nature and physical nature of the canyon, also the level and temperature of water.
If you do have younger children and feel this activity is suitable for them feel free to Contact us, as we are aware that some children are more adventurous than others.

Don’t worry; every canyon is different; it is not essential to be able to swim in some canyons like Argensou canyon and Subra.
Regarding the others, be aware canyoning is a full submerged activity where you will be in the water for durations of the trip.

Yes! If it’s fully waterproof, you are welcome to bring along your cameras or GoPro (special fixation on our helmets). We usually take a camera with us too, and will take pictures of the trip where we can. These will be uploaded to on a private link after the trip for you to download for free.

Please Note: We don’t not have insurance to cover your cameras or electrical equipment. The canyoning environment will be harsh on even the most robust camera equipment. Speleo Canyon Ariege cannot be held liable for any loss or damage occurred to this equipment whist on a trip with us.