Estat Canyon


The Estat canyon is the biggest and grandest canyon in the valley. This superb sports and technical canyon is located at the foot of the famous Ariège summit: the “Montcalm” (3077m), deep in the valley of Vicdessos. It is a large sporty and luminous canyon, perfectly exposed to the sun, always embellished with a beautiful flow, which offers an uninterrupted sequence of varied waterfalls and beautiful toboggans.

Group rate: 564 € (6 people max)

Included in the Price: Reception, supervision, equipment (with descender and canyoning shoes), manual of the Initiation Canyoner (50 pages), guidebook Ariège canyons, insurance.


Estat Canyon

This large race with a very vertical tendency, offers sumptuous views of the canyon of Artigue located below and the Pique Rouge de Bassiès (2676m) which dominates it, all in a pure atmosphere of high Mountain. It is possible to descend the entire canyon but we propose here to chain the lower part, sufficiently copious. This second part is the most interesting with slides, a large number of boosters and a large 50m waterfall. Thanks to precise teaching, the Lower Estat canyon is ideal for canyoning and to learn rope and team progression techniques. Completely refitted by us, it is one of our favorite canyons to train our professional trainees and to perfect their rope techniques during our descent.

Live by yourself a unique adventure!

Route de la Brexanne, 09400 Niaux
Additional information
Minimum age

15 years old

Maximum number of participants

6 people (individual) / group (6 max / groups)


Knowing how to swim and how to do rappelling/abseiling is required

Session duration

day (9h)

Walking distance

2h ; back : 40’

Material provided

2-piece neoprene wetsuits (5mm), 2mm lycra / neop t-shirt, CANYON anti-slip SHOES (from 35 to 48) + neoprene socks (5mm), helmet, double-lined harness and Pyrana canyon descender on self-locking carabiner lock ", waterproof bags …

Material to bring

Swimsuit (avoid shorts) and change of clothes.
If needed: attach glasses, long hair attached. (Picnic + water) …


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