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Since 30 years, my live is based around vertical adventure and exploration. I started as a climber (participation in the French cup in 1995), and developed toward canyoning in 1997 with my first adventure in Spain (Sierra de Guara), which let me to do all the best canyons in that area.
My new passion was born and since then more than a thousand canyons around the world followed…

These mountain activities became my reason to live, and in the start of the 90’s, I started my first professional diplomas and have been building a solid experience to this day.

International Canyoning Trainer & Instructor – Head Training Master ICOpro, French DE Canyon, BE Speleo, BE Escalade, French cave rescuer.

In 1999, I discover a new activity, caving. As per usual I got invested in this new discipline and in 2002 did one of the biggest cave in the world (Jean-Bernard cave). The highly technical rope techniques in this discipline allowed me to become a much better technician in the canyoning world.

All this led me to three new rescue-training courses as team leader in 2009 with the French Cave Rescue team, with the civil security and mountain ski rescue. These experiences gave me new skills for developing the recue management in international canyoning.

In this period, different expeditions led me around the world. Canyoning in Morocco in 2005, caving in Vietnam in 2007, limestone cave expertise in Laos in 2012, climbing in Laos in 2006, Kinnaur (near Tibet) in 2010 and in Thailand in 2012.
Then I joined the prestigious “Internationals Expeditions and relationships Commission of the French federation of caving.

With all this experience under my belt, I decided to go on my own. I organized a series of canyoning expeditions in Nepal and India from 2004 to 2012 and opened more than 30 canyons. This led to me becoming co-founder of the “Himalayan Canyon Team”, the “Nepal Canyoning Association” and the “Himalayan Search Rescue Center” in Himalchal Pradesh (India).
And then things went a bit crazy: The biggest canyon in the World so far, the “Chamje Khola” expedition in the Annapurnas, in 2011. This thing has never been repeated.

Following a brief period as trainer for the CREPS (professional French Canyoning school), I found their methods inappropriate and incomplete, and was happy to leave following an invitation from the ICOpro where I became technical advisor and Head Training Master. This serious Organization allows me to live of my passion, travel, teach and train International Instructors and Trainers all around the world (Baleares, India, Nepal, NZ, Indonesia, Canada, Greece, Canarias Islands, Madeira and Acores Islands). But also developing and promoting canyoning around the world.

Actually, I spend my summer in my Pyrenees Canyoning Center where I teach canyoning then the world is my oyster. My professional activities lead me to India, Vietnam, and Central America, where I go further than the basic training and teaching. I’m now more orientated towards technical advising and testing (ICOpro, Adidas, Maskoon), and even as an outdoor technical adviser and private coach.

With these 25 years of experience, I can today as Trainer, coach and expert, offer you original mountain activities where quality and security rime with pleasure and conviviality. I have taken over 15000 people canyoning without one serious accident.

…You can’t improvise “sharing your passion”!