Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to achieve excellence in teaching and sharing our passion in order to find the right balance between a playful, pedagogical and safe practice adapted to each one.

Our main mission is to enable each one to achieve his personal goals, both in terms of pleasure and overcoming oneself.

“How do we do it? Why are we ready to welcome you?”

Simple, we are trained for this and are passionate about this way of contribution!

Our federal trainings have brought us the passion of sharing, our state trainings, brought us our technical and security know-how, and our international ICOpro courses, all the rest, ie all the skills in applied psychology and In pedagogy necessary to accompany you smoothly. With us, you will find the pleasure of learning, of discovering this specific environment that surrounds us in activity and above all, you will rediscover in front of these new situations which can sometimes seem impressive.

Thanks to this technical background, our constantly updated knowledge of the humanities and our extensive experience in the field, practice and travel, we will make your experience unique and unforgettable.

Here is why you must come to discover and improve the practice of canyoning or caving with us.

Do not let others live stop your dreams and take action: Join us!

Nous rejoindre